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Burkina Faso: People's Movement for Progress (MPP)

In September 2018, we initiated a new party project with MPP, which will run until 2020. MPP was established in 2014 and was key in the popular uprising against the former president Blaise Compaoré.

Since 2015, the party has been in government, working for more a social and economic development in a country that can still be characterised by a young democracy.

Our party project in Burkina Faso has a focus on exchanging social democratic ideas, strengthening the leadership, women and youth representation in the party, and addressing the conditions of the democratic system, emerging from a long-lasting dictatorship.

Thereby, the focus of the project can be summed up in two overall components, which aim to support MPP in their pursuit of a more social democratic future in the country, by strengthening:

  • The party’s organisational processes and social democratic policy development.

  • The involvement and representation of women and youths in politics.