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The Social Democratic Party's organisation

The Social Democratic Party consists of nearly 40.000 members divided in 245 party branches, organised in 98 municipalities, 92 assemblies and 5 regions.

Party branches

The party branch is the founding organisation and you are a member of the party here. The locals and the volunteers are the foundation of the Social Democratic Party.


This part of our organisation nominates our candidates to the municipal board.


This part of our organisation nominates candidates for the parliament.


The Social Democratic regions nominate candidates for the regional council.

National Congress

The Social Democratic congress is held once every year, where the programs and statements are approved. The Social Democratic member is either participating as a delegate from the party association, municipality or assembly, or as an affiliate. Every fourth year the Social Democratic Party’s ordinary congress is held, where the Social Democratic Party’s leaders is elected. The congress is the highest authority in the Social Democratic Party.

The National Executive Committee

Between the congresses, the elected members of the National Executive Committee are responsible for the party’s political and organisational development and cooperation. The members consists of politicians and locally elected members from the different parts of the party’s organisation.

See the members of the National Executive Committee (text in Danish)

The leaders of the party

The leaders of the party consists of a party leader, two deputy party leaders and one secretary general. All are members of the National Executive Committee.

Party Leader: Mette Frederiksen
Deputy Party Leader: Marie Stærke
Deputy Party Leader: Mogens Jensen
Secretary General: Lasse Ryberg