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A fair direction for Denmark

Political understanding between Socialdemokratiet, Radikale Venstre, SF and Enhedslisten.

The 2019 general election provided Denmark with a historic opportunity for plotting a new political course.

We must lead the fight against the climate crisis

Denmark must significantly increase its ambitions towards climate, environment and nature and assume an international leadership role relative to the green transition. The Danish Parliament can become the world’s greenest parliament; a parliament which not only does something, but does what it takes to comply with the Paris Accord.

We must strengthen our welfare again 

So that Denmark becomes the world’s best country in which to be a child, so that there is more time for care in the health sector, and so that everyone can look forward to an old age characterised by safety and dignity. Welfare provides equal opportunities and the freedom to be different.

We must combat the increasing inequality 

So that we once again reinforce the society model which made Denmark one of the world’s most trustful and safest countries. Neither poverty nor greed have a place in our nation, and we have the opportunity to challenge both.

We must challenge the centralisation of Denmark

To provide development, opportunities, jobs and welfare throughout the country. Decision-making close to those who will be affected has intrinsic value. Denmark is too small for big differences.

We must focus on education 

To allow our young people to develop and challenge themselves to their utmost – and to ensure that each new generation faces a better future than the one before it. In a welfare society such as Denmark, a person’s background must not be the deciding factor for their opportunities in life.

We must promote integration 

So that we can live together in spite of our differences. With respect for one another and for the democratic foundations of our society. In Denmark, everyone is free and equal.

We must shoulder a responsibility for the world

So that Denmark is the sort of nation that will help people in need. That will protect international conventions, will actively work to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will be a committed participant in international communities. Denmark must be an open country, sustaining ourselves on the basis of our view of the world.

We believe that politics matter. That we can solve real problems instead of pursuing symbolic politics. So that, together, we can set a new and progressive course for Denmark. There are great expectations. Not everything can be realised at once, and the prerequisite is a responsible financial policy which ensures beneficial framework conditions for the business world. We have a unique opportunity for realising the expectations that the electorate holds of a new political majority.

On this basis, parties with a majority of mandates in the Danish Parliament have nominated Mette Frederiksen (S) as royal investigator for the purpose of forming a Government that will ensure a new political direction for Denmark.

As a prerequisite for the creation of such a Government, Socialdemokratiet, Radikale Venstre, SF and Enhedslisten have agreed on a “political understanding”, which entails a commitment from a new Government to implement a number of initiatives that, together, will set a new political course for Denmark. The initiatives will be realised throughout the life of the Government, preferably in broad collaboration with the other parties of the Parliament. The new Government will also respect all existing parliamentary conciliations.

A new Government will allow Denmark to assume an active, committed and dedicated international responsibility. Although the parties behind the political understanding hold differing views on Denmark’s membership in the EU, it is agreed that Denmark, as an EU member, will work to promote a far more progressive EU policy than is currently the case.

This especially relates to the promotion of a more ambitious climate policy and increased efforts against tax havens and tax avoidance. Denmark is part of the Schengen Agreement. The new Government supports this Agreement and wishes to remain part of it. There is a need to revise the Schengen regulations. This must be worked out in connection with a new political agreement related to Europa.

Denmark is also part of the Unity of the Realm. A new Government wishes to see an equal, positive, and strengthened partnership in the Unity of the Realm, based on trust and mutual respect. We will develop Danish areas of responsibility together with Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Christiansborg, 25 June 2019

A fair direction for Denmark