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A common future

The challenges that the world and Denmark face can seem large, and the solutions can seem difficult to grasp.

As Social Democrats we understand, why many people may feel, that the future is uncertain. The insecurity does not emanate from nothing. It occurs, when people senses that a change in the world around them can influence their own life and derail their dreams for the future. We take these concerns seriously.

We do not think that it will be easy to meet the challenges of the future. We know it is difficult.

We also do not consider it is facile to defend the Danish welfare model in a world of globalization. It is not easy. But we are certain about one thing, and we say it loud and clearly: Policy works.

Throughout more than 140 years the Social Democrats have shown, that our values can make a difference. We have built and developed the Danish welfare society.

It is not a time for easy quick fixes. The world is too complex for this, and what is at stake is too important.

It is time for value based, well-considered, and future oriented solutions. The future shall be created jointly in Denmark and in the world.

Change starts with ourselves. It starts in Denmark. We are influenced by the world around us, but we are certainly not powerless when it comes to determining our own destiny. It is still primarily political decisions that we make in our country that affects the Danish people the most.

It is the strength of communities and our will to use this strength that determines our future.

It is the parliament, the regions, the municipalities, and the labor market partners that construct the primary political setting for people who live in Denmark. It is the public debate, the democratic conversation, life in associations, and through our culture, that the Danish democracy is formed and developed. And it is here, that what binds us together is established and consolidated.

The Social Democrats will fight for a future where Denmark is still a country with cohesion and trust. A country, where we who live here, have a high standard of living and certain opportunities for a life of fortune despite gender, age, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, belief and social status.

The primary focus for the Social Democrats in the coming years will be to preserve and develop the Danish welfare model.

Our most important fight will be the one against forces, which threaten and undermine our democracy, community and welfare. The battle against those, who desire a different society than the one that, has brought us to where we are today.

We will protect the welfare society, which has made us one of the wealthiest and most equal countries in the world. And we will maintain the social contract between businesses and communities, which ensures that competitiveness is considered and that growth goes hand in hand with the attention to humankind and environment.

The same battles have to be fought internationally. We have the responsibility to do this due to our ideals, for we wish to spread our values throughout the world. And this we must, because still more challenges are emerging and they find their best solutions at meetings in committed international communities.

The strongest and most binding community we participate in is the EU. We primarily have to lift the cross-border challenges of the future through the EU. And it is there that we can ensure balance between market, environment and the people of Europe.

Denmark must also continue their engagement in regards to global issues. Bilaterally we can create change, but firstly we have to seek influence via the UN, when it comes do ensuring development, peace, stability and human rights.

Common to our international efforts is that we believe in the power of the good example. If Denmark is at the forefront, we can make a difference. If we as a country work skillfully and ambitiously, we can affect the world with our values.

We, Social Democrats, believe in community. We believe in the future. Let us create our future together.