In English: The Social Democratic Party

At the national election on June 18, 2015 the Social Democratic Party received 26.3 pct. of the votes and won 47 seats in the Danish Parliament Folketinget – hereby going three seats up from 2011. This once again made the Social Democrats the biggest party in Parliament – a position we also held from 1924-2001. However, the centre-left coalition of five parties only managed to get 89 seats against the centre-right’s coalition of 90 seats; the exact amount needed to command a majority.


Following the election the party went into opposition after having been the leading party in a government coalition and at an extraordinary congress in June 2015 Mette Frederiksen was elected as the new party leader. The Social Democratic Party has an extensive presence throughout the country and is founded on a strong volunteer commitment in a decentralized party organization. The party has developed from a large Danish workers’ movement and maintains close ties to trade unions, cooperatives, sporting and cultural organizations, as well as adult educational institutions.

Below you can download our publication in English. In this publication you will find an introduction to our party and policies, our history and organization, and our international involvement.



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