In English: The Social Democratic Party

The Social Democrats has fought for a better Denmark and a better world since its establishment in 1871.

Our Party

The Social Democratic Party is the biggest Danish party at the local level, regional level and national level in parliament. In addition, the party has 3 out of 13 Danish seats in the European Parliament. The party leader is Mette Frederiksen.

Louis Pio, Harald Brix and Paul Geleff established the party in the autumn of 1871 as a part of the international workers’ movement. In 1924, the Danish Social Democratic Party became the largest party and had their first period of government with Thorvald Stauning as Prime Minister. Ever since the party has influenced Danish society and the emergence and maintenance of the Danish welfare state.

At the latest election in June, 2019, the Danish Social Democratic Party once again became Denmark’s largest party with 25.9 percent of all votes and 48 out of 179 mandates of Parliament. 

The Social Democratic Party's organisation


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The Rose

The social democratic parties have a red rose as their party symbol. The symbol dates back to the 1970s, where the Danish Social Democrats copied the French Socialist Party’s symbol. The French Socialist Party’s symbol pictured the rede rose in a clenched fist, which meant “socialism with a human face”, to assure a symbolic and ideological distance to the large communist party.

Nobody can put forth an unequivocal explanation for what the rose symbolizes today. However, all Social Democrats agree that the red rose embodies one or more stories that should not be forgotten.



Publication in English

In this publication you will find an introduction to our party and policies, our history and organization, and our international involvement.



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